Networking & Infrastructure

Selenio™ MCP1

1RU Media Convergence Platform

As the broadcast industry continues to migrate toward IP and its inherent efficiencies, customers with less complex operational requirements or space constraints no longer have to make compromises when it comes to on-air and signal transport functionality.

Introducing the Selenio MCP1 — an extension of the award-winning original platform that delivers the same capabilities in a cost-effective, space-saving 1RU package. Ideal for fixed and mobile contribution applications with low channel counts or operations needing a more compact form factor, the Selenio MCP1 is customizable to user requirements and factory-tailored with up to three modules. Customers can choose cards based on specific application needs, spanning video encoding, decoding, multiplexing and baseband processing. The Selenio MCP1 features the same intuitive, web-based GUI as the original 3RU chassis, as well as a new operator-friendly front control panel.

Now you can fuel operational efficiencies for a smaller number of services, while reaping the benefits of the same core baseband and IP functionality of the proven original.