Networking & Infrastructure


Dual-Channel GPI/CC/Serial Data/SCTE104 Inserter/Extractor and VANC Bridge Module

The DMDP6802+D is the latest product for the Selenio 6800+™, our industry-proven platform designed with an “application-centric per module” concept. This new metadata processing solution is a cost-effective, dual-channel module that converts GPI (General Purpose Interface) input and output to/from VANC-based (Vertical Ancillary Data Space) bits. It also enables the insertion/extraction of GPI, complying with the SCTE-104 standard, CC (Closed Captions), TC (Time Code) and SCTE-104 messages, and performs as the VANC Bridge between two video standards.

The flexible design of the DMDP6802+ module allows simultaneous operation in both insert and extract modes without any preconfigured user setup. The DMDP6802+D offers dual, independent channel processing support for 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals, and is ideal for operations where insertion or extraction of metadata/data functions is required.

The DMDP6802+ also offers broadcasters a powerful tool for their ad insertion and local program insertion systems. This module solves the problem of interfacing automation with the compression system to accurately signal insertion points – it supports standards-based signaling of program insertion using SCTE104 messaging, telling the relevant encoders when they should insert their splice points.