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Dual­-Channel SDI Frame Synchronization and Delay

The DSFS6802+ is a configurable, cost-effective and easy-to-use dual-channel frame synchronizer and delay module with embedded audio processing for 3G/HD/SD-SDI signals.

DSFS6802+D modules feature dual, independent SDI video/audio channels on a card, and can be configured to support a wide variety of multichannel applications. Each processing channel has its own video/audio processing blocks, such as audio de-embedder/embedder, SRC, audio delay/synchronizer and frame synchronizer/delay. The modules support one input and two outputs per channel and can support different video standards per channel.

The onboard genlock input can come from either frame reference or card reference. The two processing channels share the same genlock input.

The DSFS6802+RLYD back module was added as a dedicated back module (requires special P/N for ordering) that supports input-to-output relay bypass for frame sync applications.