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Wordclock/1 PPS/10 MHz Distribution Amplifier

The WCLK6801+ is a high-quality, flexible and cost-effective solution for audio wordclock reference distribution. It is required for timing distribution in an audio environment, production and post production.

As a wordclock distribution amplifier (DA), the WCLK6801+ accepts one wordclock/1 PPS/10 MHz input (with optional loop-through if used with WCLK6801+DL) and eight outputs, and supports a wide range of clock frequencies and amplitudes.

The WCLK6801+ can handle a full range of amplitudes from 0.7 V to 10 V peak-to-peak (pk-pk) levels, depending on what signal type is used: wordclock, 1 PPS or 10 MHz. Also supported are different square wave frequencies from 32 to 108 KHz. 48 KHz is most common in production and post production environments.

The product can fan out AC-coupled signals, as well as TTL/CMOS types of signals, while the amplifier maintains an end-to-end DC transparency.

The WCLK6801+ wordclock DA includes support for 10 MHz and 1 PPS signals. Support for these signals is required for Single Frequency Networks with terrestrial broadcast transmission used mainly in master timing and reference distribution. When required to distribute 10 MHz and 1 PPS signals to all the MUX cards, the WCLK6801+ DA is the right product for such a configuration.