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Dual SDI Channel Audio Processing

The DAPM6802+D is a configurable, cost-effective and easy-to-use dual SDI channel audio processing module for managing DTS Neural Loudness Control and DTS Neural Surround™ processing.

Supporting dual independent SDI audio streams on a single card, the flexible DAPM6802+D can be configured to support a wide variety of multichannel applications.

The DAPM6802+D features DTS Neural Loudness Control and DTS Neural Surround™ UpMix, DownMix and MultiMerge technology to deliver unparalleled audio processing capabilities. This leading-edge loudness management processing technology delivers a natural, open quality sound not found in audio processed via traditional multiband compression technology.

DTS technology features can easily be added to the DAPM6802+D module via Software Key licensing options.

Additionally, the DAPM6802+RLYT back module is offered as a dedicated back module to support input-to-output Relay Bypass for audio applications.

Imagines Communications products for real-time loudness control using DTS Neural Loudness Control technology enable signal handling that meets all worldwide recommendations for loudness measurement.

Country Recommendation Target Loudness Allowable Variance Suggested Preset
US ATSC A-85 -24 +/- 2 Ultra Light, Light
Europe EBU.R.128 -23 +/- 1 Medium, Aggressive
Japan ARIB TR B-32 -24 +/- 1 Medium, Aggressive