Networking & Infrastructure


1x4 or 1x8, 3G/HD/SD/ASI

The DA-H6802+/DA-HR6802+ distribution amplifiers (DAs) are built for use with the 6800+™ modular core processing platform and provide one channel of 3G/HD/SDI/ASI video distribution with cable equalizing and reclocking (reclocking on DA-HR6802+ only).

The DA-H6802+D/DL and DA-HR6802+D/DL are single-channel DAs with eight outputs (1x8). The DA-H6802+/DA-HR6802+ DAs feature high-quality video performance, low cost and remote indication of signal presence and alarms.

The DA-H6802+D/DL and DA-HR6802+D/DL DAs provide 10 channels of 1x8 3G/HD/SDI/ASI distribution in a 2RU 6800+™ frame with low power consumption and non-inverting ASI compatibility on all outputs.

The +S configuration of this product refers to the single-slot back module, which allows the DA to function as a single-channel 1x4 DA.

The +DL configuration for this product refers to the looping input back module, which is a double-slot back module (1x8 with looping input) and is ideal for cascading DA applications.