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Multichannel Audio Processing Station

The APM6803+T is a multichannel audio processing module for managing loudness and surround sound audio streams.

Featuring DTS Neural Surround™ UpMix, DownMix and MultiMerge and DTS Neural Loudness Control, the APM6803+ delivers unparalleled audio processing capabilities; with loudness management processing that delivers a natural, open quality not found in traditional multiband compression technology. Flexible user-defined workflows and intelligent metadata handling ensure that the right processing is applied at the right time, allowing broadcasters to meet regulations while preserving the artistic integrity of the content.

The APM6803+T is an audio processing system on a card and can be configured to support a wide variety of multichannel applications. Dual Dolby® encoders and decoders can be enabled, allowing the APM6803+T to interface to virtually any type of signal. The APM6803+T also boast a feature-rich audio/video frame synchronizer with mono channel routing for embedding and de-embedding. With eight discrete AES inputs and eight discrete AES outputs, the APM6803+T enables any combination of AES and embedded SDI audio input and output to be easily achieved.

Imagine products for real time loudness control using DTS Neural Loudness Control technology provides signal handling for all worldwide recommendations for loudness measurement.

Country Recommendation Target Loudness Allowable Variance Suggested Preset
US ATSC A-85 -24 +/- 2 Ultra Light, Light
Europe EBU.R.128 -23 +/- 1 Medium, Aggressive
Japan ARIB TR B-32 -24 +/- 1 Medium, Aggressive