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Dual 1x4 or Single 1x8 AES Automatic Changeover and Distribution Amplifier

The ACO6800+AES+ is a high-quality, flexible and cost-effective Automatic Changeover (ACO) and Distribution Amplifier solution for AES digital audio signals. It is designed primarily for the distribution and protection of AES signals in an audio environment, for production/post-production and professional applications.

ACO6800+AES+ supports the flexible configuration of a dual 1 x 4 AES ACO, or can be used as a single 1 x 8 AES ACO distribution amplifier. Each AES input supports independent sample rates ranging from 30KHz to 192KHz and provides two equalized inputs with four reclocked outputs per input, or can be configured as one input with eight reclocked outputs for a distribution amplifier application.