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Intelligent 4X2 Clean/Quiet Automatic Changeover

The ACO6800+4X2+ICQST is an intelligent 4X2 Clean/Quiet Automatic Changeover for HD/SD/ASI sources. This product has been added to the ACO6800+ product line, expanding the solution to combine the clean switch functionality from the ACO6800+ISCST module with the 4x2 functionality from the ACO6800+4X2D module, along with some additional features.

This new module is suitable for any application where up to four inputs are required together with a Clean/Quiet switching functionality. It is designed to compete in the higher feature set ACO segment with the added inputs and clean switch capability.

The ACO6800+4X2+ICQST provides Q-SEE-driven 4X1 signal protection with a clean video switch and quiet audio fade between sources. The module also provides frame sync/audio sync capability and switches between redundant signals at the point of ingest, and enables ingest timing into a satellite DTH, mobile TV or IPTV facility.

These intelligent ACO modules allow for the setting of customizable parameters for each level being monitored and perform an automatic switchover when any level changes or disruptions are detected.