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2 Analog Video, 8 Analog Audio Channel Optical Receiver

The OP+AVR modules provide professional, broadcast-quality transport of multiple analog audio and video signals over a single fiber optic interface.

These modules are capable of transporting up to eight analog video channels and 64 analog audio channels over this fiber interface, using an innovative daisy-chain design to maximize the fiber optic bandwidth. Occupying two slots within the 6800+™ frame, this solution allows for up to 20 independent analog video signals and 80 analog audio channels in a single 2RU frame.

Since the analog video is not decoded, phase information is kept intact, allow-ing applications such as black burst transport over long distances for genlock purposes.

The OP+AVR+2 modules support up to two video and eight audio channels. As well, an electrical-only expansion version of the OP+AVR+2 (OP+AVR+EXP) can be used along with an initial optical version to create a daisy-chained configuration capable of supporting up to eight video and 64 audio channels on a single optical channel.

Fiber optic receivers are available in both PIN (standard).

These modules can be controlled manually via card-edge controls or remotely using either CCS Navigator™, third-party SNMP-based control applications, or HTTP Web browser (with QXFE-series frames only).