Networking & Infrastructure

Platinum™ SX Pro

Multi-Display Management System

Platinum™ SX Pro is the industry’s most scalable, highest-density multiviewer — in a smaller, sharper and smarter design. Designed for Platinum™ routing frames, you get more sources and outputs in fewer rack units.

Advanced scaling technology for unsurpassed picture quality. Unmatched display output options. Built-in wall control functionality. Superior redundancy. A vast range of user-friendly configuration and control options.

Combining the best in multi-image processing technology with the game-changing advantages of the Platinum router series, the Platinum SX Pro is more than just a multiviewer. It is a powerful, highly reliable, space-saving multi-display management system that is easy to deploy, consumes less power, and reduces overall integration and operating costs. And it is, quite simply, a better way to handle signal monitoring in today’s fast-paced world of live production.