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Hybrid IP, UHD-Ready Multiview Monitoring Solution
Powered by Zenium

EPIC™ MV is a highly scalable, UHD-ready multiviewer that provides the television industry with a single canvas for mixed signal types and a seamless transition path to an all-IP future. Based on Imagine Communications’ open and extensible Zenium™ platform, EPIC MV is scalable to thousands of PiPs and hundreds of displays, providing a high-quality, low-TCO monitoring solution that optimizes IP infrastructure investment.

EPIC MV is a complete multiviewer solution that offers the full feature set of a class-leading multi-image display system, including a rich set of supported tally, UMD protocols, and REST-API for the integration of northbound control systems. EPIC MV delivers all the capabilities expected for monitoring and monetizing content in high-value production environments.

Designed to simplify monitoring environments as broadcasters migrate to IP, EPIC MV is a true hybrid solution that natively supports high-bandwidth uncompressed content, as well as low-bandwidth compressed streaming formats, including MPEG-2 and H.264/AVC. Option boards provide for SMPTE ST 2022-6/7 reception, SMPTE ST 2110 reception, and high-capacity baseband 3G/HD/SD reception, as well as 2022-6/7 HD mosaic transmission.


  • Low-TCO monitoring solution with a mix of software and smart hardware acceleration for today’s hybrid environments
  • Operational flexibility and system visibility through clear VQ and rich graphics
  • Exceptional density of PiPs and displays per RU
  • Powered by Zenium™ elasticity to meet the pace of change and innovation in any facility