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SelenioFlex™ Live

Live/Linear Multiscreen Encoding
Powered by Zenium

In today’s world of rapidly evolving media technologies and intense competition for a dedicated audience, broadcasters, service providers and media companies are keen to provide engaging experiences across devices for their viewers by delivering pristine images and sterling audio. SelenioFlex Live multiscreen encoding solutions offer them the ability to do just that.

Tapping into the underlying power of the Zenium™ workflow manager, SelenioFlex Live provides superior live encoding for high-value applications for live event streaming to over-the-top (OTT) delivery of linear channels. With multiformat output flexibility, software-based upgradeability, and rich adaptive bit rate (ABR) streaming format support, SelenioFlex Live enables operators to reach audiences with superior-quality, live viewing experiences across the broadest range of devices.

As the demand for high-profile live event streaming increases, media companies are dependent on deployments with fault-tolerant redundancy and precise control capabilities. SelenioFlex Live delivers on both fronts, providing comprehensive control over concurrent stream outputs so they can be handled and managed independently without interrupting other simultaneous outputs. Also, outputs can be captured to files for archive or on-demand distribution, providing additional revenue opportunities.