Networking & Infrastructure


Multichannel JPEG2000 Compression Over IP

The new Selenio™ JPEG2000 module is a multichannel encoder/decoder solution, offering real-time, high-quality JPEG2000 compression over IP.A single module supports up to four HD/SD-SDI channels or two 3G-SDI channels.

Delivering superior interoperability with many third-party JPEG2000 solution vendors, this module harnesses the power of the Selenio media convergence platform, which offers higher density, enhanced redundancy schemes, an easy-to-use interface and low total cost of ownership. The platform’s flexible, expandable design enables customers to mix and match JPEG2000 and H.264/MPEG-2 functionality, as well as other Selenio processing capabilities, in the same frame, for a future-proof solution.


  • Professional broadcast contribution (contribution from event venue to studio/network)
  • Studio-to-studio media exchange (production contribution)
  • In-house signal distribution and routing (dynamic IP-based tie-lines)
  • Live event coverage/fiber-based news and remote studio productions
  • Real-time transport of 3G/HD/SD over IP