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LandmarkOSI™ Traffic & Billing

Sales, Inventory, Traffic & Revenue Management for Stations and Station Groups

LandmarkOSI™ Traffic & Billing provides television, cable and radio channels, networks and groups with advanced functionality for managing mission-critical operations efficiently, profitably and with unparalleled control.  The software-based, modular solution provides easy-to-use, powerful tools for traffic, accounting and yield management — and closes the loop with simple, powerful integrations with playout automation, Internet ad serving, dynamic ad insertion and other operational systems.

LandmarkOSI Traffic & Billing is a scalable, cross-enterprise solution designed to manage ad operations in multistation/multichannel environments across multiple markets and media platforms. The open, standards-based system is a core component of Imagine Communications’ End-to-End Advertising Management solution, controlling the advertising management ecosystem across proposals, inventory, traditional and nonlinear playout, invoices and cash management.  You can manage the system yourself or fully deploy the flexible suite in the cloud for a reduced-CAPEX, low-maintenance system.

Scalable to any sized broadcaster — with a system proven to handle 650+ stations and numerous networks — LandmarkOSI Traffic & Billing takes full advantage of the latest tools to deliver next-generation solutions. With hundreds of unique features and real-time, interactive reports, the platform enhances your competitive edge to drive new revenue and manage your stations more efficiently.


  • Real-Time: Maximize station inventory and increase revenue across centralized environments and multiple stations, markets and media platforms
  • Open: Leverage a standards-based, open database and real-time interactive reporting to deliver the right information when you need it
  • Turnkey: Be on the air quickly with LandmarkOSI Cloud™ – the industry’s only true cloud-based system
  • Ready: Access advanced support options with remote shadow training, and online eHelp


Drive Efficiency and Maximize Revenue

LandmarkOSI Traffic & Billing provides a comprehensive platform for optimizing your business workflow in today’s multichannel, omniplatform environment.


  • Proposal-to-Contract Workflow: Full integration with the award-winning LandmarkOSI Sales research and proposal system delivers real-time inventory information and seamless proposal-to-contract workflow
  • True integration for Internet: LandmarkOSI Internet seamlessly works with Google Ad Manager (DFP, DART) and other systems to eliminate duplicate manual entry of orders and data and streamline reporting
  • Unified Sales for all Platforms: Omniplatform flexibility enables you to manage airtime, non-time and Internet ordering in one system with a single contract and invoice
  • Flexible Contracts: Unlimited contract lines per order with visual, calendar-based scheduling, on-demand spot history and complete EC2Way and EC electronic contracts integration provides an efficient, automated workflow to streamline business processes
  • Optimal Reporting: Multiplatform, consolidated reports provide centralized information 
  • Sales Communications: Pre-order online avails checking and automated preemption notification by email empower sales with key information
  • xG Copy Automated Copy Management: Save time and reduce errors with the first system to receive traffic instructions electronically via the Broadcast eXchange Format (BXF) 3.0 standard — electronically accepting and confirming incoming traffic instructions
  • Instantaneous Copy Placement: Copy without waiting to finalize the log
  • Skim Interactive: Real-time inventory and interactive Skim reporting enhance sales revenue growth
  • Labor Saving Programming: Easily handle network and affiliate program scheduling and format maintenance
  • Combo Logs: Automatically schedule an order from a single contract line across multiple stations
  • Advanced Spot Processing Engine: Dynamic, configurable spot placement with real-time updates for multi-day inventory runs 24/7, providing unmatched inventory maximization and yield management
  • Simplified Log workflow: Key features make managing the log faster, with automatic exception reprocessing and built-in capabilities to make bookends and piggyback spots travel together
  • Seamless Interface with Automation Systems: Log integration with all major systems and complete, two-way xG Live Log live log capabilities allows instant communication and updates of late orders and schedule changes
  • TV Everywhere: Manage linear and nonlinear/online advertising campaigns and maximize revenue with Dynamic Ad Insertion, leveraging the omniplatform capabilities of LandmarkOSI Traffic & Billing  with dynamic ad insertion, delivery and as-run information
  • Reconciliation: Auto reconciliation wizard and available Real-time Update live log make reconciliation fast and accurate
  • LandmarkOSI Internet – True two-way integration with Google Ad Manager and manual entry provides a seamless financial view and simplified invoicing and payments for clients
  • Cash Receipts Import – Automatic import of payments (cash receipts) from your bank lockbox accelerates and streamlines payment processing
  • GL Export – Interoperates with major accounting platforms (Oracle, PeopleSoft, Dynamics GP/SL and more)
  • Credit Management – Provides advanced, centralized control over credit and credit holds for an individual property, regional hub or with a consolidated view
  • Powerful Management Tools: Interactive, real-time inventory, revenue data  and management tools across airtime, digital and streaming provide quick summary and drill-down detail views across stations, properties, markets and the operation
  • Real-time Reporting: Customizable, interactive reports with full data warehousing capabilities provide you with a competitive edge
  • Advanced Business Intelligence: Landmark™ Analytics integrates data from LandmarkOSI and all of your operational data — even stored in Excel — to deliver in-depth and predictive analysis to improve forecasting, pricing, inventory control and sales activities

LandmarkOSI Traffic for Radio delivers scalable, enterprise-wide traffic software that enables radio broadcasters to manage multiple stations, markets, affiliates and groups from a single system

  • Ready for Radio: Efficient, easy inventory and credit management, multistation contract entry and support for multi-format selling  deliver the key functionality to streamline and automate the workflow
  • Real-time Information: Interactive, multistation reporting and easy access to the system for everyone – salespeople, traffic and management – provides the right information at the right time, helping to drive the bottom line
  • Cross-Platform Capabilities: Consolidated contracts and invoices enable you to cross-sell television, radio and internet with unified reporting
  • Network Features: Tools for cascading network log changes to affiliates, extensive log editing capabilities and multistation contract entry allow you to optimize your networks

Optimize Your Operation with Flexible Administration and Deployment

LandmarkOSI Traffic & Billing is fully scalable to your organization’s size and needs, from the smallest single-station setup to the largest corporation.

Cloud-based and Flexible Deployment Options

  • Fully Cloud-­Based: Optimize inventory and maximize sales resources with LandmarkOSI Cloud, a cloud-based environment that reduces CapEx and nearly eliminates the hassles of configuration, testing, security, backups and updates — giving you the freedom to focus on growing your business:  Don’t be “cloudwashed” by competitive solutions that refer to “hosting” as “cloud”
  • Self-Hosted: Deploy in the Public or Private Cloud, or host the application locally, using a remote desktop or Citrix connection.
  • Stress-free Upgrades: Choose between automated upgrades in your own environment, or live worry-free in the fully cloud-based environment
  • Data Migration: Migrate data from all competitive systems for first-time LandmarkOSI use, and easily migrate existing LandmarkOSI stations into an established database in the case of an acquisition
  • Single-Database Solution: Manage your entire environment — multiple properties, channels, markets and media platforms, from TV and radio to digital — in a single, consolidated system 
  • Centralized or Distributed System: Leverage efficiencies across your stations or markets, whether you run independently by market or in a centralized, hubbed environment
  • Customizable Security: Profile-based security gives your personnel the right level of access, when and where they need it
  • Experienced Support: World-class technical and product support with 24/7 emergency support is just a click or call away
  • Full Access to History: Data is never purged
  • xG Live Log: Connect your traffic schedule directly to automation with xG Live Log, a SMPTE BXF-based tool to manage real-time, bidirectional communications between the traffic log and master control, for late orders, program changes, exact timing and reconciliation
  • Key Integrations: In addition to the tight connectivity between LandmarkOSI Sales, Traffic & Billing and Analytics modules, we are pleased to offer integrations with a variety of systems, including these and other partners.  Not all integrations are listed – please contact us for details.
Master Control Software
360 Systems
Audio Vault Flex
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Grass Valley/Miranda
Power Link/Merge
Scott Studios
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