Ad Management


Advertising Management for MVPDs

Imagine Communications’ Eclipse® (formerly OpenTV's Eclipse®) line of advertising campaign management, traffic and billing solutions facilitates the efficient execution of advertising across multiple platforms — enabling service providers to maximize ad revenues by optimizing advertising inventory management. Offering a full range of software solutions to support any size operation, Eclipse delivers lower costs and improved efficiencies over a “one-size-fits-all” model.

The number of video platforms available for advertising has grown tremendously in recent years, including HD, on-demand video, broadband Internet and mobile devices.  These new platforms have introduced new technologies that provide more opportunities for the viewer to engage and take control. To compete effectively, cable/MSOs and communications service providers must find a new way to efficiently manage a dynamic and complex advertising environment across multiple platforms and keep track of every aspect of the ad delivery process — while enabling advertisers to easily reach the entire breadth of available distribution platforms.

The functionalities provided by the products in the Eclipse family can positively impact an organization’s advertising sales bottom line through increased performance, enhanced efficiencies and improved productivity of a service provider’s sales organization. What’s more, it enables service providers to more effectively market their products to the right customer and offer advertisers greater value for their ad dollars.

  • Streamlined operations optimize advertising revenue streams
  • Automation of advertising interfaces reduces operational error
  • Centralized management of advertising campaigns lowers costs
  • Rich analysis enables more effective monetization of advertising inventory

Eclipse Products

Eclipse is an entry-level campaign management solution aimed at emerging television advertising operations with up to 200 channels. The central component of the Eclipse product line, the software allows MSO and service provider advertising teams to maximize yield on their inventories, while minimizing operating costs. It is also designed to help operators meet the changing needs of advertisers in an environment of rapid growth by providing a smooth migration to the enterprise-level EclipsePlus® solution when complexity and traffic volume increase.

EclipsePlus is an enterprise-level advertising campaign management product and end-to-end solution designed to help our clients grow their revenues and meet the challenges of the ever-changing television advertising marketplace. To accommodate the increasing complexity and traffic volume of ad sales operations, EclipsePlus is able to handle thousands of local and interconnect networks, schedule complicated channel environments and run multiple advertising markets within a single database. Robust Web-based operational reporting pulls everything together, enabling service providers to gain the competitive edge.

EclipsePlus/xG OnDemand provides enhancements to traditional ad campaign management to address the emerging challenges of the on-demand advertising market. By enabling MSOs and communications service providers  to sell, manage, deliver and bill dynamic addressable and interactive advertisements across on-demand infrastructures, this solution assists our clients in meeting the growing demand for advertising that is relevant and engages viewers across multiple content platforms.