Ad Management


LandmarkOSI™ Traffic & Billing

In today’s challenging business environment, keeping the competitive edge is dependent on a media operation’s ability to maximize organizational efficiency, access the right information at the right time, optimize inventory value and quickly and cost-effectively drive ad spend.

Our powerful, easy-to-use traffic systems enable you to efficiently manage single and multichannel environments, multimedia and multiple platforms. To maximize revenue, real-time interactive reporting enables you to make faster, smarter decisions by providing centralized visibility into your entire business, while seamless integration across sales, traffic, playout and financial systems drives workflow efficiency.

ProductDescriptionIdeal ForApplications
Traffic for Stations and Station Groups
Traffic & billing for television, cable and radio with powerful, scalable, easy-to-use tools for order entry, copy, inventory management and sales optimizationTelevision stations, radio stations, O&O/network affiliates and networks looking for central information access, speed-to-air and an optimal sales and traffic workflow
Traffic for Networks, Channels and Multichannel Environments
Ad sales, inventory management and invoicing, with impression and spot-based selling options for linear and advanced advertisingRegional channels, national networks, multichannel ad sales houses and multinational operations looking to optimize inventory utilization and maximize revenue
Advertising campaign management, traffic and billing for multiple platforms designed to sell, schedule and maximize advertising inventory, while managing the volume and complexity of zones, zone groups and thousands of channels.Video service providers including cable MSOs, satellite and telcos of any size, from 1 channel to over 18,000 channels.
Traffic for Stations and Station Groups
Traffic for Networks, Channels and Multichannel Environments