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xG Schedule™

Next-Generation Cloud-Based Planning and Scheduling

xG Schedule™ is the industry’s first cloud-based planning and scheduling system for linear, on-demand and digital platforms. This integrated system enables Programming teams to plan schedules across multiple linear, nonlinear, web and mobile platforms with streamlined validation against content and usage rights, as well as organizational business rules.

With xG Schedule, you can maximize your content assets with streamlined, unified nonlinear and linear scheduling operations that grow as your company adds delivery platforms and grows. Extensive planning tools help you delight viewers and avoid wasted runs with full visibility to your content portfolio. xG Schedule works cohesively with Imagine Communications xG modules, as well as Landmark™ Sales, Rights & Scheduling and Broadcast Master™ management suite, to create an intelligent, end-to-end workflow for nonlinear/linear scheduling to get the most from your content investment.

xG Schedule speaks your language. The true, globalized application dynamically adapts to all languages and cultures — and is the only system to offer native support for right-to-left (RTL) orientations. All items in the system will appear in the selected language, including menus, dates and times, schedules and content information. The system also supports full multicurrency capabilities, allowing you to support varying regions and markets in a centralized or distributed environment, while notifications and alarms automatically keep track of changes relevant to your job.


  • Manage content assets from planning through delivery across all distribution platforms and available usage windows
  • Benefit from a unique, all-new, web-based user experience with a user-tested workflow and customizable KPI dashboards
  • Operate in your language and culture, with a global application that natively works on any device
  • Connect with real-time touch points integrating sales, rights, scheduling, linear playout, nonlinear delivery and finance
  • Evolve with modular replacements of Landmark™ Rights & Scheduling, Broadcast Master™ and other systems, without undertaking a complete overhaul


Make the most of your content investment with the xG Schedule system’s modular approach, which simplifies multiplatform scheduling and streamlines the workflow across the business. Take advantage of an unprecedented view of inventory — and the tools to optimize it — by simultaneously unifying and simplifying programming operations.

  • Manage single or multichannel visual scheduling and nonlinear multiplatform content in a single application, to create the perfect presentation
  • Seamless integration — Share scheduling data in real time with Landmark™ and Broadcast Master™
  • Connect to operations — EPG Export and tight integration with playout automation
  • Rules-based schedule pattern tools — Strip schedule entire seasons and movie pick lists
    • Days, Weeks, Months, Years and Cross Channels
    • Running Orders
    • Series Rotations
    • Editable Preview
  • Advanced Secondary Event management and placement
    • Live preview of graphics repository and advanced placement rules
    • Rules by Date, Time, Channel(s), Day, with Placement by Start/End, Offset
    • Creative Library — Static (fixed content, e.g., channel logo) or Dynamic (parameter driven, e.g., Now/Next/Later)
    • Dynamic Parameters — Text, List Select, Dictionary, Click Through (e.g., Social)
  • Next-gen highlights
    • Unlimited days and channels
    • Multiple time zones, daylight savings, local time
    • Zoom and Pan
    • Search for seasons, strips, patterns
    • Drag-and-drop scheduling with touchscreen support
    • Review content directly with integrated media playback
    • Color and focus by user-defined attribute
  • Manage packages and individual items with unprecedented flexibility, across year, month, week and day
  • Group content even with staggered dates and multiple hiatus/exclusion periods
  • Automatically schedule catch-up events
  • Control the entire content-driven workflow from scheduling to dynamic ad insertion, leveraging Imagine’s xG ADS™ ad decision service and xG AIM™ manifest manipulator
  • Schedule linear and nonlinear content on multiple platforms in one application
  • Next-gen highlights
    • User-defined date/time ranges
    • Schedule multiple services at the same time
    • Package or Item level view
    • Zoom and Pan
    • Drag-and-drop scheduling with touchscreen support
  • Integrate rights information and schedule windows within xG Schedule to ensure content licenses are valid across the multiplatform environment
  • Rights usage validated directly on the schedule
  • Easy-to-use, flexible search capabilities — Search across content inventory, without needing to know where the data was entered
  • Integrated media playback — Preview a single item or review a complete commercial break
  • Templates make scheduling quick and easy
  • API layer incorporates external rights information
  • Next-gen highlights
    • Export to Excel — with formatting
    • Multiple Group by attributes, Column Selection and Move
    • Expansive Search
    • Hierarchy/Drill Down
    • Image Support
    • Drag and Drop
  • Customizable dashboards spotlight your interests and provide instant focus on what matters — to you
  • Drill-down from key measures — Revenue, regulatory, genre, contract status and more
  • View from any device
  • Multiple Widgets — Chart, Pie, Callout, Pivot
  • Platform portability — First solution developed and tested on all desktop browsers, major Android™ devices and all Apple® devices
  • Unique user experience
    • Per-user dashboard with critical information
    • Customize screens for corporate and regional branding
    • Responsive design resizes screens and organizes content based on device
  • True globalized application
    • UI application, language, dates/time, currency
    • UI dynamically adapts to language including flowing from right to left
    • Two users can sit side-by-side and use different UI languages
    • All items are in different language, menus, schedules, etc.
  • Comprehensive Search — Locate items across all data in the system
  • Widgets and visual tools — Enhance workflow and communications


Focus on scheduling and program planning, not on what makes it run. xG Schedule leverages the latest technology and flexible deployment methodologies allowing cloud, on-premise or hybrid implementations. Access the system from any platform, anywhere, leverage tight integrations across the business and simplify your operations.

xG Schedule meets all of your scheduling needs, with a true global application and streamlined tools to simplify all aspects of your business.

  • Multi-channel — Multiple channels, network/region
  • Multi-platform — Linear, mobile, on-demand, streaming, web
  • Multi-location — Operate across regions, countries, continents
  • Multi-currency — Contracts, reporting, management roll-up
  • Multi-language — By region or need, left-right/right-left
  • Multi-tenant — Multiple databases, single upgrade, easy roll-up, reduced hardware costs
  • Multi-time zone — Manage schedule, transmission and reporting
  • Multi-service — Single entry contracts for multiple services
  • Multi-hiatus — Multiple hiatus periods within the same contract line
  • Reduced hardware costs — No terminal services or desktop virtualization
  • Extensible architecture and API — Scalable, with easier integration to incorporate and share data with external systems, or incorporate portions of the xG Schedule UI into your own systems
  • Shared database infrastructure — Share costs in smaller environments
  • Reduced IT support — Less system knowledge, needs only a web browser
  • Mac, PC or any device — No operating system requirements
  • Backups and redundancy — Options for automation and disaster recovery
  • Tenancy Selector — Manage multiple customers in same database, reducing hardware and platform costs
    • Jump between databases (subject to security requirements)
  • Security — Flexible user account management