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Landmark™ Rights & Scheduling

Advanced Planning, Rights and Scheduling

Landmark™ Rights & Scheduling combines planning, rights management and scheduling for the omniplatform world in a streamlined, workflow-oriented solution. Manage the rapid expansion of delivery platforms with scheduling tools for traditional linear playlists and non-linear services such as catch up, OTT and delivery to mobile devices. The comprehensive scheduling engine provides the tools to create single or multichannel presentation schedules combining program content, interstitials, commercials and promotions into a single, frame-accurate playlist.

With increasing competition and the widening scope of delivery, success depends on effectively managing multiple channels across different regions, consistently, with minimum cost. Landmark Rights & Scheduling streamlines your workflow with an interactive graphical user interface that enables you to rapidly create and replicate schedules, and use wizards for the generation of complex templates and presentation structures.


  • Unified solution for linear and nonlinear/on-demand scheduling in a single system
  • Advanced omniplatform rights, scheduling and traffic optimizes content usage and maximizes revenue
  • Automated features and seamless integration with MAM, sales, playout and financial systems
  • Extensive planning tools maximize rights usage
  • Flexible management of promos, commercials and interstitials
  • Integration layer API for seamless real-time data exchange in the broadcast system landscape
  • Advanced reporting and compliance

Maximize Your Content Investment

Get the most from your programming assets with extensive rights, scheduling and planning tools that enable you to optimize your schedule, reach viewers on every platform and maximize your profits.

Content defines the channel, and planning and presentation deliver the advantage. Landmark Rights & Scheduling provides unrivaled capability for the management, amortization and integration of program rights into the scheduling and presentation process. With extended workflow support along the entire process, Landmark Rights & Scheduling ensures that content rights are effectively, securely and reliably assigned within complex multichannel and multi-region environments.

After playout, Landmark Rights & Scheduling automates many of the regulatory obligations, creating reports on genre segmentation, regional programming and special needs, while generating auditable reports for music returns and rights usage.

Landmark Rights & Scheduling enables catch-up channels to be defined, and for programs scheduled in a standard channel to be scheduled automatically within the catch-up window. If the linear program is moved, then so are its catch-up events. Landmark Rights & Scheduling also supports pure nonlinear channels, enabling programs to be scheduled into defined delivery periods.