Ad Management

xG Scorecard™

Do It All Business Intelligence for Media

xG Scorecard™ delivers media-centric business intelligence (BI) and analysis that will do it all by consolidating the vast quantities of data stored across your sales, operational and financial systems — unlocking the secrets to buying preferences, workflow efficiencies, cost savings and more. Offering a suite of robust tools, xG Scorecard empowers your sales, traffic, programming and finance groups to make better data-driven decisions based on information presented through intuitive Scorecards that focus on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in your business.

Transform Data to Actionable Information

"Businesses are drowning in data, but starving for insights. Worse, they have no systematic way to consistently turn data into action." — Forrester Research, Digital Insights Are the New Currency of Business study, 2018.

With today's consumers accessing content any place, any time, and on any device, media companies find it increasingly difficult to track consumption and demographics without seeing skewed traditional ad revenue analytics. Now more than ever, it's important to deliver exceptional content using sophisticated audience analysis and with better targeted campaigns.

xG Scorecard delivers powerful, easy-to-use data visualization, data mining and predictive analytics tools that transform your data into actionable information, enabling your business to maximize revenue and minimize costs. Introducing the concept of a customized and topical Scorecard, xG Scorecard features an interactive display that brings together information from across the business to explore, interpret, customize and organize data. This makes dissecting data easier than ever before with visual filters that allow anyone to navigate their data, and collaboration tools that enable discussion and collective analysis.


  • Unify data across the entire business – sales, ratings, schedules and more with native support for spots, breaks and key broadcast metrics
  • Straightforward deployment and learning curve – deploy in the cloud, on premises, or hybrid; and supports all levels of users from Novice to Data Scientist
  • Easy distribution and access – easily share and collaborate with any coworker; easy access from any device
  • Media-centric — customized and optimized for the media industry, which includes innate awareness of spots, units, dayparts and more
  • Built-in integrations — with xG/Landmark, and a multitude of third-party platforms like Salesforce, Excel, Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook, Hadoop, Oracle, and more
  • Predictive analytics — identify opportunities earlier and avoid potential revenue misses
  • Enterprise analytics — combines data discovery and enterprise BI in a single platform that allows users to combine business system data with company data sources

Identify Revenue Opportunities and Avoid Lost Profits

  • Quickly view and analyze trends, outliers and areas of underperformance
  • Blend data from traditional sales and traffic systems, operational databases, ratings, clickstream and even social networks to build a holistic view of audiences
  • Explore patterns across accounts, channels, regions and sales executives to pinpoint customer issues and sales training opportunities
  • Leverage key spot data, invoice aging, payment history, traffic log and inventory capacity
  • Improve operational efficiencies with easy drill-down into spot and account detail

Find a Scorecard for That

  • Explore a variety of Scorecards built to suit your needs. Just a few examples:
    • Deep dive into sales and metrics
    • True program revenue, with ratings, program cost and sales revenue
    • Ad sales and campaign analysis
    • Attentiveness, social media impact and audience sentiment

Put Your Data to Work

  • Keep your team aligned, informed and ready for action via live collaboration, commenting and notifications
  • Schedule distribution based on time, role, threshold and other user-defined rules
  • Build it once and then reuse information and analysis without hours of compiling and recompiling data from different sources
  • Determine patterns and predict trends before issues escalate
    • Avoid the "find out that we lost a customer after they left" syndrome
    • Analyze customer spend for cross-sell
    • Target programs or campaigns using ratings and social media

Track and Monitor Political

  • No need to pull dozens of reports to get what you need – xG Scorecard can create multiple views of information for a variety of political revenue and inventory
  • Set alerts for LUR (lowest unit rate) and revenue goal thresholds
  • Provide access to functional units across the company, with the ability to restrict data by account executive or sales leadership rollups


  • Install xG Scorecard in the cloud, on premises, or in a hybrid environment
  • Learn and begin to use xG Scorecard in under two hours


  • Deliver the right information to the right person at the right time in an easy-to-understand format
    • Use on any device: web, mobile and tablet (iOS® and Android® support)
    • Collaborate easily with the built-in xG Scorecard sharing and collaboration tool


  • Imagine Communications' platforms: integrate one or multiple xG/Landmark sales, traffic, billing and optimization systems
  • Third-party integration: seamless integration with MS Office, CRM, ratings, multiple database types and social media metadata
  • No more data silos: unique, powerful, and highly visual methods to evaluate and fine-tune the performance of your business