Ad Management

xG GamePlan™

Cloud-based Inventory Optimization

Ad-driven media organizations are under more pressure than ever to maximize the value of their airtime inventory. Enter xG GamePlan™, the cutting-edge inventory optimization tool that expertly delivers audience targets to multiscreen devices while consuming the minimal amount of commercial airtime. Cloud-based and ultra-scalable, xG GamePlan provides computer-generated scenarios from real-time analysis to increase both ad efficiency and, most importantly, revenue.

xG GamePlan is the only cloud-based application on the market that leverages battletested inventory optimization tools that have been successfully managing billions of dollars of advertising inventory for leading media companies for over two decades.

As media companies continue to shift from traditional spot-based ad sales to ratings and impression-based campaigns, xG GamePlan enables media operators of any size to develop their ad efficiency as aggressively or conservatively as desired. With the ability to handle any payload of supply (inventory) and demand (campaigns), xG GamePlan can run any number of scenarios in order to find the optimal balance between pure airtime efficiency and quality campaign effectiveness.


  • Allows the highest level of inventory optimization without having to replace entire back-office traffic and sales solutions
  • Enables existing Landmark™ Sales customers to easily expand their ad-optimization activities using the scalability and flexibility of the cloud
  • Integrates into any sales operation – even where no other Imagine-based ad management systems are in use
  • Allows sales operations to automatically book and optimize all OR part of their inventory, working seamlessly in inventory that is partially booked through existing methods
  • Provides an automated method for spinning up additional assets in the cloud, enabling multiple parallel individual runtime instances, and consolidating the optimization results for easy review
  • Improves the game plan continually to squeeze max efficiency out of inventory
  • Enables Airtime Managers to run multiple booking assessments in a scalable environment and push those bookings back to core traffic applications — without adding extra staff or replacing existing infrastructure
  • Enables Administrators / Superusers to reliably monitor the backend optimization toolset, making for a seamless customer-controlled environment, fed by real-time integrations to the core traffic and campaign management systems