Ad Management

Broadcast Master™

Broadcast Management Suite for Sales, Scheduling, Media and Finance

Imagine Communications’ Broadcast Master™ is a flexible, cost-effective system for growing television operations. The comprehensive suite of modular and scalable rights, sales, scheduling and media management solutions enables broadcasters to drive productivity and revenue with the tools to automate and manage your daily operations, allowing you to focus on the business of broadcasting.

Maximize efficiency, enhance your company’s image and deliver quality services for your advertisers and agencies. With a range of flexible tools, Broadcast Master enables you to easily launch new channels, develop exciting new revenue sources including product placements and secondary event messaging, and optionally manage nonlinear and catch-up scheduling.


  • A single, integrated system that simplifies workflows and eliminates errors
  • Delivery of total channel management through to frame-accurate playlist creation
  • Integrated management tools for linear and nonlinear program rights, advertising sales, media management and station workflow improvement
  • Ability to enhance system capabilities by adding modules as your business grows
  • Integrated audit, with ability to configure which data elements are tracked at field level
  • Multichannel and multi-region support for sharing programming and selling across channels
  • Full multicurrency tools manage orders and invoice in any currency with reporting based on ordered or channel currency
  • Rich multi-language features enable users to enter and display data in a local language


Broadcast Master Modules:

  • Automatic placement of commercial spots into the transmission schedule on booking, with new spots appearing instantly in Planning and Scheduling
  • Ability to order spots for a program, time period or a fixed time
  • Sales and scheduling teams automatically alerted to any changes
  • Tracking of campaign versions let users know what spot changes were made on each client instruction
  • Integrated viewer ratings, with support for estimated and actual ratings and pricing based on either estimated or actuals
  • Spot placement tools for order line-based entry and drag-and-drop into a break grid
  • Single-schedule concept with all Planning, Sales, Traffic and Scheduling users working on the same data, with no merging of schedules, to ensure that current information is available to everyone
  • Simple scheduling of entire series, including complex repeat patterns
  • Multiple users can access the schedule simultaneously, with screen updates for all users whenever a change is made
  • Proportional planning grid visually presents the program’s slot duration
  • Automatic retiming of the schedule as events and content timings are modified or updated
  • Advanced, secondary event support
  • Support for product placements and chargeable secondary events such as logos, voice-overs and crawls
  • Real-time schedule verification and presenting of errors and warnings directly in the transmission schedule
  • Automatic scheduling of standard schedule structures, reducing effort and training
  • Ability to manage ingest and purge of material from servers, name media files and drive workflows for media preparation and review
  • Full tape library management toolset
  • Configurable, integrated workflows, with staff member assignment, auto-triggering of subsequent tasks, and personalized task management
  • Powerful integrations with ADC™, D-Series™ and third-party automation and asset management systems
  • Various program amortization modes, sales campaign pricing modes and invoicing schedules, provide flexibility to meet your business needs
  • Automatic recalculation of program event costs based on amortization rules, whenever a program is moved in the schedule
  • Simple reporting of schedule revenue vs. cost

Options and Integrations:

The Broadcast Master system’s Advanced Rights and Scheduling Module facilitates the broadcasting of content over nonlinear platforms, alongside traditional linear channels. The system manages nonlinear and catch-up rights for program events, as well as the scheduling of program content for nonlinear and catch-up transmission.

  • Enjoy seamless management of any combination of linear, nonlinear and catch-up rights – on a single, unified contract or separately
  • Manage any combination of linear and nonlinear rights, and view all rights against a single asset
  • Seamlessly manage catch-up scheduling with automatic program or series placement, based on business rules

Broadcast Master tightly integrates with Imagine Communications ADC™ automation, Versio™ Integrated Playout and Nexio® digital asset management solutions to deliver a seamless, SMPTE BXF-compliant broadcast workflow designed to empower the business office and simplify master control workflows.

xG Live Log™

  • xG Live Log™ schedule synchronization tool enables Broadcast Master to send information bidirectionally to Imagine Communications ADC, D-Series and Versio automation software in real time.
    • BXF standards-based integration automatically relays day-of-air changes and updates to the automation log, reporting the status of those changes back to Broadcast Master
    • Immediately after each event is transmitted, Broadcast Master is notified, and the as-run details and status are updated — even as playout of the schedule continues

Nexio® Digital Asset Management

  • Broadcast Master integrates with the Nexio digital asset management system to facilitate the smooth management of digital media within the organization.
    • Use SMPTE BXF messages to send workflow instructions and content updates automatically between the systems
    • Send ingest instructions to Nexio DAM, where they will appear automatically on the asset management task list
    • Update digital media files and their timings automatically when they are created
    • Automate the sending of purge and dub lists, and enable Broadcast Master users to search for and view digital media

Additional Integrations

  • Broadcast Master also integrates well with third-party asset management and playout automation systems.