Ad Management


Ad Decision Service

Imagine’s ADS ad decision service is used by cable, satellite and telco providers to increase monetization by providing targeted opportunities to advertisers and enhancing customer engagement. The service considers criteria such as the current content being viewed, user preferences, customer data and business rules for multiscreen to determine which advertisement is to be inserted into a program (entertainment content).

The ADS supports targeting by individual or zone for linear, on-demand and DVR services, and is able to make alternate content decisions for content blackouts and other program substitutions. The service also gathers and aggregates delivery reports, making them available for invoicing and verification.

ADS is ideally suited for two use cases: one, making ad decisions for ‘linear simulcast OTT streams’ for Imagine’s OTT Monetization solution, ingesting ad pools from scheduling systems such as Imagine’s Novar, Eclipse and Broadcast Master systems; and two, making ad decisions for Imagine’s Linear Monetization solution, providing regional targeting and higher revenue for programmers’ primary distribution.

Imagine’s ADS makes dynamic ad decisions based on relevant campaigns created in a campaign manager, using SCTE 130-standard messaging. When a placement request is received from the AIM manifest manipulator, the service creates an actionable decision utilizing a variety of information, including time, content, client, zone, or avail identifier, and can also manage round-robin rotations of pooled copy for an advertiser. Once the ads have been inserted and executed, tracking data is returned for billing and verification.

Imagine’s ADS is a key component of Imagine’s OTT and Linear Monetization solutions, which provide scalable, integrated ecosystems that enables video service providers to target viewers with relevant ads, focus ads at a national, regional or local level, and update commercial messages to prevent them from becoming obsolete. The ADS works in conjunction with Imagine Communications’ AIM, POIS, ADR, campaign managers and third-party solutions to drive revenue and optimize targeted, saleable inventory.

Incorporating spot optimization information from the campaign management system and key data from delivery components, ADS provides a single point of entry and data collection across the dynamic ad insertion workflow — enabling a cohesive ecosystem for sales, execution, and analysis


  • Monetize live and on-demand multiscreen video with relevant advertising products
  • Integrate service with your current linear TV, VOD, and online video advertising systems
  • Ensure compatibility with open, scalable and standards-based design
  • Access integrated verification reporting to reconcile delivery to campaigns


  • Streamlined management, delivery and control for ad insertion across linear TV, VOD and online video
  • Ad management and delivery for all subscriber devices, including second-screen applications, time-shifting and cloud DVR services
  • Delivery of relevant, addressable advertising to enhance viewer engagement
  • Dynamic ad decisioning with proven system interoperability streamlines complex live and on-demand multiscreen distribution environments
  • Open, standards-based solution enables easy integration with Imagine and third-party dynamic advertising capabilities
  • Aggregation of detailed data regarding decisions and delivery
  • Network-centric design eliminates device-specific integrations and provides secure, server-side metrics
  • Lightweight, streamlined REST APIs enable seamless third-party integration
  • VAST and SCTE 130 interfaces to AIM, POIS and ADR solutions from Imagine Communications or third-party providers, to create an end-to-end solution for the scalable delivery of addressable ads