Offering a Lower TCO Than Traditional Playout with Flexibility, Operational Efficiency and Scalability

Versio™ modular playout, a microservices-based media workflow platform, enables media companies to accelerate the launch of new channels and services, unlock revenue potential and adapt to market dynamics faster.

The modular nature of Versio delivers an industry-leading variety of functionality, operational modes and deployment models, including premises-based, cloud (private or public) or hybrid. Businesses can choose functionality, including playout engine, I/Os, automation and graphics, and can incrementally implement numerous value-added options such as advanced audio track routing, multi-language captioning, UHD and proxy generation, on an as-needed basis.

a diagram showing how all the different parts of Versio fit together with the storage servers
screen capture of the content portal software
screen capture of the automation software
screen capture of the ingest control panel
screen capture of the graphics control panel
screen capture of the live panel software interface
a diagram showing how all the different parts of Versio fit together with the storage servers
screen capture of the content portal software
screen capture of the automation software
screen capture of the ingest control panel
screen capture of the graphics control panel
screen capture of the live panel software interface
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  • Enables the launch of new channels quickly and cost-effectively
  • Experiment with emerging business models, while maintaining primary revenue streams
  • Provides a scalable, modular solution designed to fit to any installation
  • Enables quick incorporation of new functionality, ensuring disruption-free operations 
  • Get to air faster and easier with unified UI, database and metadata
  • Reduces long-term infrastructure costs with future ready components and flexible design
  • Reduces equipment and operational costs by virtualizing master control
  • Runs in a hybrid SDI I/O or compressed or uncompressed IP deployment
  • Supports both receive and transmit of MPEG-2 transport streams
  • Supports SMPTE ST 2110 and ST 2022-6 or applications that require extremely low latency
  • Future ready, microservices-based design
  • Optional UHD: 2160p @59.94/50 fps and HDR support

Versio Ingest  is available as a component of Versio modular playout. Versio Ingest provides a highly integrated operational experience from booking, to media prep and QC, to playout, and archive.

Versio Graphics  simplifies the graphics creation process, enabling customers to either create or modify templates using an intuitive web-based interface with full-motion preview and video overlay. Versio Graphics can create markers and simplified macros or create more complex graphics using direct import from Adobe® After Effects®, as well as add dynamic-data driver content and real-time tags, including content triggering.

Versio Automation is designed from the ground up to support geo-dispersed operations and architected to provide enhanced scalability and modularity. A channel landing page provides a simple, high-level overview of all channels and their status. Versio Automation also provides easy-to-navigate clip management and vertical channel workspaces, including advanced secondary event control and horizontal timeline.

The Versio Redundancy option provides a flexible, powerful and scalable redundancy solution that keeps up to five channels mirrored and synchronized. Versio Redundancy includes automatic failover based on real-time health and status monitoring. It also provides a pivot point where customers can begin moving to the cloud, such as disaster recovery for business continuity.

Master Control
Versio Master Control Surface(MCS) is available as a component of Versio and is fully optimized for running in a cloud environment, as well as on standard hardware. Versio MCS provides an intuitive, touchscreen-based master control surface ideal for preparing content for playout or enhancing the look, with simplified control of switching graphics and automation.

Within Versio, several fundamental workflows are included in the standard Versio Automation and Content Portal packages: retrieving missing material, managing storage capacity, copying a file and archiving a file. If more advanced functionality is required, these basic workflow processes can be augmented via the addition of the Versio Workflow package.
Workflow is a file orchestration solution that automates workflow processes within Versio. The Versio Workflow package includes more advanced workflow processes to cover several typical transcoding, file transfer and metadata management use cases. The Workflow package is also required for other complex workflows, such as those that require third-party integration components, or for tailored workflow design and deployments.

Core Services
At the core of every Versio design sits Versio Core Services, offering the basic features required for all Versio deployments, including service layers for operation: core management services, database infrastructure layers, an essential service layer, including a messenger service.
Another essential tool of Versio Core Services is Versio Content Portal, which is used for content management for media preparation and distribution.

Content Portal
Versio Content Portal  provides a common content management layer for linear media preparation and distribution for playout. The solution manages all the required playout elements within a common database, including video, audio, and still and graphic layout content, and enables triggering of several key workflows to improve operational efficiency. A common file orchestration layer provides storage inventory management and file movement.

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Imagine Communications Upgrades Playout at Australia’s Largest Managed Media Services Provider, NPC Media

Imagine Communications has been selected by NPC Media Pty Ltd, a  venture formed between Australia’s largest commercial broadcasters, Seven (ASX:SWM) and Nine (ASX:NEC), to provide an extensive infrastructure upgrade of the National Playout Centre (NPC) in Sydney, Australia.

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The Philippines' Cignal TV Expands Playout Capabilities with Imagine Communications

Cignal TV, the leading satellite broadcaster in the Philippines, has expanded its playout capacity using the fully integrated Versio™ modular playout solution from Imagine Communications. Cignal TV broadcasts premium content on both television and radio to more than two million subscribers across the country. To meet the expectations of its audience, Cignal TV continually adds high-quality content and channels. The new playout system gives the broadcaster increased scalability and speed to market with a future-proofed, software-based solution.

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MultiChoice Moves to Exceed Consumer Expectations with IP Platform from Imagine Communications

MultiChoice, the largest satellite broadcaster in Africa, is responding to rapidly growing customer demand for superior content by building a new playout centre. The new facility is the first stage of the broadcaster’s transformation from traditional video playout to leading-edge IP transport and modular playout technology, providing for greater business agility, technical and operational flexibility and a reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO). This allows for an improved consumer experience and ensures faster speed to market with new broadcast offerings.

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