Modular Solution for Video and Audio Processing, Compression and Multiplexing

As the broadcast industry continues to migrate toward IP and its inherent efficiencies, customers with less complex systems or space constraints do not have to make compromises when it comes to on-air and signal transport functionality.

Imagine’s Selenio™ MCP3 and Selenio™ MCP1 – 3RU and 1RU modular platforms – combine baseband video and audio processing, compression and IP networking features in a single, space-saving solution. With Selenio MCP, customers choose modules based on specific application needs, spanning video encoding, decoding, multiplexing and processing.

Selenio MCP also delivers an on-ramp/off-ramp solution for conversion of SDI signals to IP streams and IP to SDI signals, allowing continued use of existing infrastructure for a phased, disruption-free transition to IP, while supporting hybrid domains.

Explore the Selenio Configurator Tool.

hardware system for Selenio MCP3

Hardware system for Selenio MCP3

back panel of the Selenio MCP3 hardware

Back panel of the Selenio MCP3 hardware

screen capture of the software configuration

Screen capture of the software configuration

hardware system for Selenio MCP1

Hardware system for Selenio MCP1

hardware system for Selenio MCP3
back panel of the Selenio MCP3 hardware
screen capture of the software configuration
hardware system for Selenio MCP1
  • Combined IP and baseband workflows in a single, flexible platform, providing a high-density, space-saving processing solution
  • Intuitive web-based GUI, offering easy management and control
  • Integrated, seamless redundancy, supporting signal processing, compression and routing for critical broadcast paths

Selenio MCP3 and Selenio MCP1:

  • Video processing, advanced audio processing, compression and multiplexing in a single, flexible platform with intuitive graphical management tools
  • Audio and video multiplexing and demultiplexing for compressed streams
  • MPEG-2 and H.264 compression standards are supported from SD and HD to 3 Gb/s and mobile
  • Inputs/outputs include analog video/audio, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, AES audio (balanced, unbalanced), fiber optics, Ethernet for control and IP video, ASI and serial data
  • Standard support for thumbnails, customizable alarms and MPEG-4 streaming
  • Integral fan cooling with front-to-back primary airflow; designed to support full load at 40° C ambient with no thermal stacking limitations
  • Direct Ethernet connectivity (1000Base-T for control/monitoring, 1000Base-T for data) to the frame with optional redundancy
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    Selenio Modular Processing Configuration Tool

    Ready to see what your processing solution can look like? Try out our easy-to-use configuration tool. Pick a platform, view the modules, and populate a frame to find out what your options are for a viable system.

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