Insert Markers for Ads and Blackout Content

Imagine’s Placement Opportunity Information Service (POIS) is used by cable, satellite and telco service providers to host metadata about the location and rights associated with placement opportunities within linear and on-demand video assets for the insertion of advertising media blackout content and alternate content (such as program substitution). The service is a key component of Imagine’s Monetization solutions for the targeting of viewers with relevant ads, creating opportunities for targeting ads at a national, regional, local or even hyper-local level, as well as updating messages to prevent them from becoming stale or obsolete.

Imagine’s POIS works in conjunction with the ad insertion for multiscreen (AIM) manifest manipulator and third-party ad insertion systems to identify linear ad positions, alternate content events, slates, and blackouts, while providing attributes and constraints for each placement opportunity. Working with ad decision services (ADS), POIS validates and inserts SCTE standard-based cues in streams processed by integrated transcoders. POIS integrates with leading third party transcoders via the industry-standard ESAM interface and also enables manual insertion of ad markers.

composite of screens showing matching broadcasts

Composite of screens showing matching broadcasts

composite of screens showing matching broadcasts
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  • Monetize live and on-demand multiscreen video by inserting timely, relevant markers with a fully SCTE 35 standards-compliant solution
  • Ensure consistency in implementing attributes and constraints across platforms, and supporting compliance, rights, and policies of the content in which the placement opportunity exists
  • Manipulate original video streams cost-effectively via simple integration with multiscreen video infrastructure, dynamic ad insertion (DAI) and Time-Shifted implementations
  • Schedule blackout and slate insertions using open API that incorporates general scheduling applications
  • Provide the ability to monetize ads with no markers, by an AI based ad detection and marking those ads
  • Leverage standards, including:
    • ESAM for real-time signal processing and transcoding
    • ESNI for ingest of blackout schedules
    • AMI 3.0 for signal groups and placement opportunity regions
    • SCTE-224 to MatchBySignal or to MatchByTime
  • Ability to Drive SCTE-35s into Transcoders Via an ESAM Interface
  • API (Schedule) and GUI Support for Insertion of SCTE-35s into Streams Manually 
  • Support for Multiple Alternate Content Formats
  • Support for Multiple Blackout Modes
  • Supports ESNI and SCTE-224 Protocols
  • Mark non-marked ads by ad detection combined with the POIS

POIS Product Diagram

a mosaic of video signals
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Imagine Communications, empowering the media and entertainment industry through transformative innovation, today expanded its market-leading xG AIM™ Ad Insertion for Multiscreen solution with the addition of Placement Opportunity Information Service (POIS), Ad Decision Router (ADR) and Ad Decision Service (ADS) functionality. The addition of these software-based modules expands the dynamic ad insertion capabilities of Imagine Communications’ comprehensive advertising management systems, which span the entire revenue-enablement workflow — from proposal through fulfillment — and delivers to service providers a single, integrated solution designed to improve the precision of ad targeting and maximize the value of their ad inventories.

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