Hybrid IP, UHD-Ready Multiview Monitoring Solution

EPIC™ MV is a highly scalable, SDI/IP multiviewer for playout and monitoring environments, providing a single canvas for mixed signal types and a seamless transition path to an all-IP future. This microservices-based multiviewer is scalable to thousands of PiPs and hundreds of displays, providing a high-quality, low-TCO monitoring solution that optimizes IP infrastructure investment.

Designed to simplify monitoring environments, EPIC MV is a true hybrid solution that natively supports high-bandwidth uncompressed content, as well as low-bandwidth compressed streaming formats. 

EPIC MV is a UHD-ready, multi-image display system with a rich set of supported tally, UMD protocols, and REST-API for the integration of control systems – it is primed for monitoring and monetizing content in high-value production environments.

the EPIC MV hardware sitting in front of a mutliviewer output screen
back panel of the Epic MV Gen10 hardware
the EPIC MV hardware sitting in front of a mutliviewer output screen
back panel of the Epic MV Gen10 hardware
mutliviewer monitors showing a live hockey game
  • Flexibility – Optimize configurations for any system 
  • Scalability – Any interconnected unit can view any network signal, on any display 
  • One Solution – Monitor different signal types at once, ‘eyes-on’ or by exception 
  • Future-proof – Provides 4x1080p or dual UHD displays today, from a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) platform 
  • Microservices-based – Provides the elasticity to meet the pace of change and innovation in any facility 

48 HD inputs via 4x PCiE cards per 2RU 

  • Up to 48x SD/HD/3G over SDI inputs (option) 
  • Up to 48x SD/HD @ 1.5Gb/s or 24x SD/HD @3Gb/s over ST 2022 inputs (option) 
  • Up to 48x SD/HD @ 1.5Gb/s or 24x SD/HD @3Gb/s over ST 2110 inputs  
  • Or any combination of SDI / ST 2022 / ST 2110 by increments of 12 inputs 

2 UHD / 4 1080p displays 

  • H.264 and MPEG-2 CODECs standard 
  • High VQ and rich graphics capabilities 
  • Strong tally/UMD support, advanced content-based alarming 
  • Rules Engine for MBE behaviors 
  • PiP copies and sharing between devices 
  • SMPTE ST 2022-6/7 (max. 48 inputs) via option boards 
  • Low latency/High VQ 
  • UHD display support 
  • Landscape & Portrait displays 
  • Independent display control 
  • Rich graphics support & layout toolset 
  • Clock & Timer support 
  • Captioning, Subtitles & Teletext 
  • AFD/WSS decode 
  • GPIO (option) 
  • VNC client in a PiP 
  • MPEG-2/H.264 distribution decode 
  • MPEG & AAC audio decode 
  • DolbyE metadata monitoring 
  • Integration API available 
  • Magellan panel control 
  • Ideal as a playout and multichannel monitoring system where data integration, captions & subtitles, and complex alarm scenarios are prevalent 
  • Landscape and Portrait mode displays for optimal monitoring   
  • Open, standards-based solution supporting ST 2022-6/7, ST 2110 environments 
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Imagine Communications Provides QVC With All-IP Upgrade to UHD in Japan

Imagine Communications is providing the critical processing, monitoring and management technology underpinning a new, state-of-the-art UHD and IP-based production infrastructure at QVC Japan.

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