Manifest Manipulator for Dynamic Ad Insertion

Imagine’s ad insertion for multiscreen (AIM) solution utilizes advanced adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming to deliver hyper-targeted ads to smartphones, PCs, tablets, connected TVs and virtually any other device that receives live or on-demand video programming. By providing relevant ads in real time across various stream types — including live, VOD and Time-Shifted — and on subscribers’ preferred viewing devices, Imagine’s AIM allows broadcasters and service providers to generate high CPM ad revenue for their live and on-demand multiscreen video offerings.

Imagine’s AIM is a widely deployed ad insertion solution that supports multiple use-cases — including addressable ad insertion and program substitution — that span across multiple formats and devices. AIM is a key enabler for Imagine’s solutions for monetization and alternate content and for both OTT and linear distribution.

AIM is being already integrated with the leading ADS/Programmatic services that provides targeted and personalized ad serving. AIM combined with Imagine’s VDE (Video Delivery Edge), a digital-first, software-based ABR edge device with dynamic ad insertion, it can serve as the central point of delivery and reporting for a unified ad insertion ecosystem that spans multiscreen and broadcast, simplifying traffic and billing and enabling campaigns that span multiple delivery and consumption modes.

Imagine’s AIM system provides real-time, multiplatform advertising management and decision solutions to drive timely, relevant ads — delivering new opportunities for advertisers to engage with viewers.

composite of screens showing different visuals
composite of screens showing different visuals
a wave of video signals
  • Extends proven, revenue-generating advertising model to TV Everywhere/multiscreen services
  • Delivers targeted and relevant ads for all linear, VOD and Time-shifted content with hyper-targeting to individual subscribers, devices or DMAs
  • Expedites time to market with an ultra-scalable, virtualizable, cloud-ready manifest manipulator, supporting pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll dynamic ad insertion
  • Provides best-of-breed, pre-integrated ad and alternate content (blackout) solution with integrated geolocation
  • Accommodates multiple CDN configurations, including edge cache routing
  • Manages encrypted content mixed with unencrypted ads, as well as network/ad profile matching
  • Supports HLS and DASH adaptive HTTP streaming technologies

​​​​​​AIM Playlist Server

  • Interprets the original playlist manifest for a session, fetches the proper decisions from SCTE-130 or VAST ad decision services (ADS)
  • Provides an accurate alternative manifest with seamless video splicing and ABR data
  • Creates custom manifests per content, in real time or on-demand, in response to a device request
  • Provides targeting information and alternate content for VOD, live and pre-record cloud DVR and blackouts
  • Playback can be tailored based on business rules, content, alternate content events, and advertising opportunities
  • Extensive scalability — for instance, capable of managing more than 10K sessions per 4 core VM

AIM Ad Workflow Engine

  • Fully redundant management component for the provisioning, configuration, and maintenance of the AIM system
  • Streamlines ad and ad-supported channel workflow management, event aggregation, failover, and analytics, as well as REST APIs for third-party integration
  • Manages transcoding of ads from programmatic exchanges that may not be in the appropriate format or profile


  • Open, standards-based dynamic ad insertion management
  • Network-centric design removes device-specific integrations and provides secure, server-side metrics
  • Lightweight, streamlined REST APIs for third-party integration
  • VAST and SCTE 130 interfaces to ADS, POIS and ADR solutions from Imagine Communications or third-party providers, to create an end-to-end solution for the scalable delivery of addressable ads

AIM Workflow Architecture

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