Customer Profile

Nine Network is one of the largest free-to-air broadcasters in Australia. As the home of Australia’s most trusted and loved brands spanning News, Sport, Lifestyle and Entertainment, Nine’s strategy is to create great content, distribute it broadly, and engage audiences and advertisers.

"Best of Digital. Best of TV."

Business Challenge

Launch audience-based trading alongside traditional selling model without a back-office “rip and replace.” Optimize ad sales across 5 major networks and 5 major markets, while moving toward a platform-agnostic trading future.

portrait of Matt Yelavich
“Imagine’s xG GamePlan offers the most advanced inventory optimization capabilities and a proven ability to deliver on our evolving roadmap at our desired pace to fulfill our 2020 vision of making all inventory available for advertisers and brands in an automated way that delivers supreme value and reach. ”
Matt Yelavich, CIO at Nine

Design Considerations

Ease of Integration

Add optimization capability without a back-office rip and replace. Implement a cloud-based, modular solution that easily integrates into multivendor environments with existing business systems through open APIs.


Monetize inventory without over-delivery. Deploy a system that dynamically adjusts to changing conditions, such as alterations to program schedules and updated viewership predictions.

Speed and Scale

Achieve optimum results in minimum time. Leverage the flexibility of the cloud with a solution capable of booking more than 9,000 commercials per minute based on 2.5 million optimization calculations.

Audience-based Buying

Make a gradual move to impression-based ad models that offer more surgical options for targeting viewers. Deploy an ad inventory optimization platform that blends spot- and audience-based campaigns.

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The Result

Nine is changing the game for how audience buying takes place across its programming, helping media agencies remove 80 percent of the workload associated with trading TV by moving away from spot-based sales.


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Nine Cloud Deployed Optimizer