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Empower your financial team with LandmarkOSI™

Give them the tools they need to thrive in the omniplatform world. Like full integration with Google DFP and AdTech. Easy G/L export. Seamless merging of traffic and financials.

LandmarkOSI™. Less time managing data — and more time managing your revenue.

  • True two-way integration with AdTech and Google DFP
  • Automatic import of cash receipts from a lockbox
  • GL export that interoperates with all major accounting platforms (Oracle, PeopleSoft, Dynamics GP/SL and more)
  • Stringent management and control over credit and credit holds
  • Synchronized billing and accounting across systems for a complete financial picture

Featured Products & Solutions

LandmarkOSI™ Traffic & Billing

Traffic & Billing for Stations and Station Groups



LandmarkOSI™ Internet

ONE order. ONE invoice. ONE easier way to do business.

LandmarkOSI Cloud™

Cloud­-Based Hosting of our Widely Used Traffic and Billing System

xG Billing™

Unified Billing and Financial Management

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Solution Workflow