Sports & Live Events

Sports & Live Events

Sports and Live Events

The arena of sports and live events has always been an unpredictable and unforgiving environment. Today, as new distribution platforms and increasingly sophisticated consumers drive demand for more content on more devices at maximum quality, the pressure is on sports leagues, mobile production companies and stadium owners to meet that demand — efficiently and profitably.

With continuing technology advances such as UltraHD (UHD) and TV Everywhere, broadcasters have enriched the television viewing experience to such a degree that out-of-home entertainment providers are challenged with getting consumers to leave the comfort of their couch. Leagues and venue owners are increasingly turning to cutting-edge control room and digital signage technology to ensure that the fan experience is worth the trip to the stadium.

Any shift in technique or technology taking place in the general production and broadcast sector is complicated ten-fold when applied within the space-constrained interior of a truck. Whether building a new truck from the ground up or retrofitting an existing unit, planning infrastructure in anticipation of “what’s next?” has become a critical factor in mobile facility design.

Imagine Communications is a leading provider of state-of-the-art, fully interoperable, future-proof solutions customized to meet any sports or live event application. From outside broadcast of the world’s highest-profile sporting events to captivating entertainment productions in world-renowned arenas, the market’s leading sports and live event companies rely on Imagine Communications to provide the power behind high-impact performances — and the tools to help them achieve greater return on their investments.