March 19, 2020

As the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread around the world, Imagine Communications has been monitoring developments at a country level within the geographies in which we operate, as well as at the local level where our employees and customers reside.

In response to the rapidly evolving situation, we have taken several steps to ensure that no matter how this scenario unfolds, our support to you is not interrupted.

Transparent Remote Support

We have made plans for our employees to work from home if requested by government authorities or should employees request it for their own peace of mind. We have already implemented this option in a number of our global locations.

We have verified that Care support and Professional Services projects can continue as usual with remote support. Contingency plans have also been established to ensure that part shipments for RMA will continue even if employees have restricted movement in a specific location.

Our customers can reach us as they have in the past through the Imagine Communications contact numbers, and calls will be routed to the appropriate individuals transparent to the customer.

Travel Restriction Contingencies

In keeping with governmental guidance and requirements, on-site support at your facilities may be impacted if travel has been forbidden in that location. If local restrictions or conditions prevent us from sending someone to your location, we will leverage all of Imagine’s remote support capabilities to continue providing you with the highest level of availability, performance, and security. As we will be verifying our remote support capabilities with a subset of customers, we may contact you to assist us in testing that portion of our contingency plan.

Additionally, our current company policy is that no employees that have been exposed to someone with a positive COVID-19 test, or with second generation exposure to someone with a positive COVID-19 test, will be allowed on an Imagine or customer site until they has self-quarantined for at least 14 days. We also have established back up support teams for those who may have to quarantine due to the above policy.

Imagine may also need your cooperation in establishing the system or network connections to accommodate these remote support alternatives. As those needs are identified, you will be contacted directly by your Sales or Support representative to request those arrangements.

Supply Chain Monitoring

From a product perspective, Imagine does not foresee any product supply issues. We will continue to monitor the supply chain, implement alternatives plans as appropriate, and update you if there are any changes that could impact your product availability.

While we feel comfortable that we have taken the appropriate steps to continue supporting you and your business, Imagine will keep monitoring the situation as it evolves, evaluate and test scenarios that could arise, and adapt our contingency plans to address those scenarios.

If you have any questions regarding this communication, please contact Bob Divers at

March 4, 2020

We continue to monitor the evolving coronavirus situation closely. Our primary focus is on the preservation of our collective employees’ health, as well as the prevention of an interruption of support from Imagine where you count on us to provide products and services.

General Update

  1. What plans do you have in place for continuity of the goods and services provided to your customers?
    • Imagine has established the role of Business Continuity Executive, with cross-functional access to all resources necessary to maintain the company’s readiness. Mr. Bob Divers has assumed this role and reports directly to our CEO, Tom Cotney.
    • We are implementing corporate travel restrictions in accordance with recommendations from government agencies — updating this policy as the ever-changing situation develops. This includes limiting all travel to essential personnel and activities in line with critical business priorities.
    • We are conducting supply chain impact assessments, including supplies of equipment for our solutions, and also assessing potential impact to our R&D resources, contractors, and resellers. Our goal is to prevent surprises or interruptions to customer projects and to maintain current service levels across our entire product line, including special-purpose hardware, software product deliveries, customer care, and professional services enabling new product capability.
    • All employees in the “chain of support” of our customers’ mission will be provided secure VPN access to the appropriate systems from home, should remote work become necessary.
    • Over the coming weeks, we will test multiple scenarios against our current contractual commitments to continue our ability to provide remote, cross-continental support for every major product or service available from Imagine.

  2. Does Imagine anticipate substantial impact to contractual service levels, supply chain, or product delivery?
    • At this time, we see limited to no impact for orders of all products through Q1 of 2020; however, prolonged shutdown of factories in certain regions could affect supplies of select models of our Networking product line. Imagine will give immediate notification of any unforeseen delays due to our supplier impact as soon they are known.
    • Also, at this time, we do not foresee interruptions to service levels for customer care contracts (Service Level Agreements) for any software or hardware product from Imagine.
    • Imagine will continue to monitor for any impact from suppliers, contractors, and resellers and will update you as to any impacts.

  3. How will Imagine communicate changes to the conditions mentioned above?
    • For general updates, you will receive communications from Bob Divers, Imagine’s Business Continuity Executive.
    • For issues and concerns specific to your company, your Imagine sales or service representative will contact you.

If you have any questions regarding this communication, please contact Bob Divers at