Simplified Decision-Making, With Easy-To-Use Tools

Actionable intelligence is key to improving the performance of an organization and driving revenue. With today’s competitive media environments, analytics is a core requirement for organizations to leverage all possible information to contend in the complex world of big data.

Our robust analytics software gathers relevant data across all aspects of sales, traffic, operations, and finance, and helps you drill down to discover the “why” behind the numbers. Combine multiple sources and present data clearly, with powerful data visualization, data mining, and predictive business intelligence tools that provide the necessary insights for your business to maximize revenue, while minimizing costs. 

thumbnail of the xG Scorecard software
xG Scorecard
xG Scorecard™ delivers media-centric business intelligence (BI) and analysis that will do it all, consolidating the vast quantities of data stored across your sales, operational, and financial systems — unlocking the secrets to buying preferences, workflow efficiencies, cost savings, and more. Offering a suite of robust tools, xG Scorecard empowers your sales, traffic, programming, and finance groups to make better data-driven decisions based on information presented through intuitive Scorecards that focus on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in your business.
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