TV Everywhere

  • Access solutions for your specific needs – Greenfield or existing broadcast business
  • Simplify deployment with a single-vendor, software-based, end-to-end solution
  • Drive revenue by targeting ads to audience demographics – even individual users
  • Integrate your content strategy across VoD, linear TVE and advanced advertising
  • Maximize audience satisfaction with superior-quality live viewing experiences

TV Everywhere has topped the most-talked-about list for so long that “anytime, anywhere” has practically become a media industry mantra. More ways to use content, more engaged viewers, more places to sell ads — the possibilities are compelling. But making these possibilities a reality means facing unpredictable costs, complexity and yet-to-be-defined business models.

At Imagine Communications, we take an innovative but practical approach to TV Everywhere that simplifies both the delivery and monetization of multiscreen content. By offering a choice of capex- and opex-driven models, we can help you cost-effectively replicate your current broadcast offering or build a profitable TV Everywhere business from the ground up.

Whatever technology challenge you face on the path to TV Everywhere — file-to-file transcoding, live/linear multiscreen encoding, live-to-file ingest encoding, high-density ABR transcoding, scalable streaming, advanced advertising — we offer flexible, software-based solutions to meet every need.

To simplify deployment, we offer integrated, end-to-end solutions that leverage game-changing breakthroughs in compression and web technologies. To reduce costs and future-proof your investment, we deliver software-defined frameworks that easily adapt to varying combinations of resolutions, codecs and formats. And to help drive revenue, we provide advanced advertising software that enables impression-based, dynamic ad insertion for streamed and nonlinear content and lets you easily create cross-platform campaigns that capitalize on new monetization opportunities.

So if you’re ready to move TV Everywhere from vision to reality, we’re more than ready to help you get there. Give us a call, or scan the resources below to explore innovative ideas for making money in multiscreen.