• Increase efficiencies through streamlined software-defined workflows
  • Adapt quickly to market dynamics and easily transition to cloud-based operations
  • Deploy new services quickly and easily through a connected development environment
  • Monetize both linear and nonlinear business, and integrate advanced advertising capabilities
  • Leverage existing infrastructure investments while launching new applications.

Media organizations are being pushed to deliver more content, to more platforms, yet are constrained by costly legacy — and largely proprietary — infrastructure that limits their expansion options and flexibility to transition to newer revenue-generating models.

How then do media companies embrace next-generation playout platforms, delivery options and monetization models without abandoning their current infrastructure investments? How can they overcome the inherent inefficiencies of the status quo — that business and playout systems exist in silos, resulting in duplication of efforts, costly errors and missed revenue opportunities?

Imagine Communications understands that when key systems can intelligently interact and exchange data, content workflows become more streamlined and efficient. To that end, we have developed a software-defined, IP-based framework that integrates and virtualizes ad sales, traffic, automation and playout functions. The result is a flexible, connected development environment that helps operations simplify and accelerate the deployment of new services.

Now, media companies can launch powerful, new applications that drive and extend their businesses, effectively monetize both linear and nonlinear business, integrate advanced advertising capabilities, and easily transition to multiplatform and multiscreen content delivery. Full workflow transparency is provided through our agile software engine, which creates a flexible environment that allows users to quickly adjust their workflows to capitalize on new opportunities, while optimizing resources and managing operating costs.

By harnessing the power and flexibility of the software-defined workflow, media companies can quickly adapt to market dynamics and transition to cloud-based operations — with the confidence that today’s investments will not be stranded with the introduction of new formats or delivery models.

Interested in future-proofing your operations and monetizing all the ways you deliver content? We invite you to take a look at our resource library for more information.