IC Labs

IC Labs

Imagine Communications Labs (IC Labs) enable customers to quickly and efficiently test proofs-of-concept and validate complex integrations before making costly investments — all from a cloud and IP environment.

Customers will appreciate the speed and flexibility IC Labs offers, allowing try-before-buy experience with Imagine’s solutions. Want to try the latest cloud-based cDVR, Ad Insertion, Live ABR transcode, or Playout solutions? Need to make sure your use cases will work? IC Labs can help. 

What IC Labs does:

Provides infrastructure for integration testing, POCs and demos

Whether the application is for cloud or lab-based systems, IC Labs can supply the infrastructure to meet the needs of product teams and customers looking to prove system functionality. Systems can be created using partner infrastructure such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and others. In addition, IC Labs maintains its own state-of-the-art blade computing environments from Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Cisco and IBM.


Validates Imagine Communications-based soutions

Experience shows that not all commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) IT hardware platforms perform equally well under the load conditions required for real-time video applications. Performance specifications, I/O characteristics and many other factors influence the ultimate product. The same holds true for cloud providers.   

As the global leader enabling media companies to transition to IP-based products, Imagine Communications recognizes these potential disparities and has established a verification program to ensure that the software and hardware components interoperate properly.


Shortens the cycle

With its vast resources and pre-configured environment, IC Labs shrinks the amount of time it takes to evaluate a solution which means a faster time to market for implementation.