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What we do

We help media companies make and monetize TV.

Our customers are the innovators, influencers and idea-makers who inform, entertain and shape the way we experience the world. In the grand scheme of things, we recognize that we’re just contributors to someone else’s big idea.

We’re proud to be a small part of it.

Imagine Communications at a Glance
  • Leveraging more than 5 decades of ongoing innovation

  • Powering 80% of the world’s top media companies

  • Supporting 25K of the world’s 50K commercial channels

  • Driving $46 billion in annual ad sales

  • Delivering 5 trillion ad impressions

  • Holding 200+ global patents

  • Earning 50+ industry awards and 10 Technical Emmys

  • 3 million+ products in service – and counting!

  • $1 out of every $4 ad dollars globally runs through an Imagine solution

Who we are
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At Imagine, we’ve been fortunate to land more than our share of industry expertise. Meet the people who have the privilege of leading our talented global team.

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Our board brings tremendous value to the Imagine table. Their diverse tech and media experience and commitment to our business make us a stronger partner to the media industry.
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At Imagine, groundbreaking work is part of our everyday. All our employees play a vital role in our big picture — helping the media industry rethink and reshape the way they make and monetize TV.

Sound like your thing? We want to talk to you.

Maybe we've met

Are you a die-hard Digital Rapids enthusiast? Still committed to your Louth automation? Think there’s never been any digital glue better than the stuff Leitch made?  If so, we’re old friends.