Signal Processing

Video and audio processing unifies the core applications in every broadcast, production and media facility on the planet. Studios, stadiums, control rooms, network operation centers and mobile live production units require complete, innovative solutions to efficiently manage signal acquisition, ingest and outbound processing – as well as multiple signal types and metadata – across the workflow. This ensures exceptional quality as signals move through the chain, and that the on-air results attract and retain viewers.



Our video and audio processing solutions help you efficiently manage every application in the plant, on the road or in the venue. Compact, modular platforms guarantee reliable, high-quality results for traditional uncompressed (baseband), hybrid and broadband workflows, seamlessly executing all required conversions, insertions, enhancements and adjustments along the way.


  • All-Inclusive Video, Audio and Data Processing: Future-proofs your plant, supports any application, format, standard
  • Reliable, Energy-Efficient Performance: Robust processing solutions use less power, reduce long-term costs
  • Compact Form Factors: Density-rich products free up valuable rack space
  • Flexible Architectures: Modular or standalone platforms fit all requirements and budgets
  • Extensive Monitoring and Control: Soft and hard panels simplify configuration, troubleshooting, workflow management

AV Processing

Broadcasters also benefit from loudness control and video/audio synchronization to ensure industry compliance and pleasant consumer experiences. Cutting-edge digital audio technologies support stereo and surround sound mixing for all digital TV services. Automatic changeover capabilities ensure content remains on the air through service interruptions. And extensive monitoring and control capabilities tie everything together.

  • Up-, down-, cross-conversion
  • Aspect ratio & frame rate conversion
  • Lip-sync correction
  • Closed caption & teletext subtitling
  • Audio up-, down-mix for stereo & surround sound
  • Descriptive video pass-through
  • Content branding
  • Video/audio level adjustment
  • Noise reduction
  • Video/audio timing & synchronization
  • Automatic video clipping
  • Loudness control


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End-to-End Solutions
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