Multiscreen Delivery


Direct-to-home (DTH) satellite providers must deliver exceptional service reliability and pristine video quality to attract and retain customers. However, the need to deliver many high-quality channels within fixed satellite bandwidth allotments creates a unique challenge. It requires a complete, integrated technology solution that maximizes efficiency of the satellite transponder – the communications channel linking the service provider and the home – all while supporting future growth.


Our DTH satellite solutions marry advanced video compression, integrated signal routing and network-wide monitoring and control with your encryption software to efficiently manage, deliver and protect multiple HD and SD program channels. This provides a single platform to address all requirements as opposed to requiring purpose-built devices and complicated delivery architectures. Scalable, future-proof designs help service providers add new channels and transponders into the existing architecture.

  • Uniquely Integrated Solutions Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • High-Density Modular Platforms Reduce Operating Expenditures 
  • Advanced Compression Solutions Optimize Quality to Enhance Viewer Experience
  • Redundant Delivery Architectures Maximize Uptime
  • Scalable, Future-Proof Designs Simplify Service Expansions