Live Production


  • 10-bit encoding ensures the highest available quality
  • Low-latency compression minimizes delay in live events
  • Built-in network and device redundancy maximize uptime
  • Compact, integrated solutions reduce cost and space requirements
  • Intuitive user interface simplifies monitoring and control
  • Flexible, modular infrastructure enables easy, cost-effective expansion
  • Versatile HW/SW control options for complete system overview and management
  • UHD ecosystem support via mezzanine compression technology (intoPIX TICO, Sony IP Live)
  • All-in-one video/audio processing, compression, and IP networking capabilities enable a smooth transition to IP 

Contribution of video and audio services — whether point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, studio-to-studio, production truck to host studio, or fixed contribution at stadiums — presents many challenges in today’s complex media environment. Dealing with original video content requires ensuring optimum video quality to allow for post-production editing or processing. Managing feeds from live events requires ensuring there is no noticeable delay. And for real-time, high-quality transport of uncompressed signals, we offer a multichannel uncompressed-over-IP solution well-suited to low-latency broadcast contribution applications. With this on-ramp, off-ramp solution for conversion of SDI baseband signals to IP streams and IP to SDI signals, you can plan for a phased, disruption-free transition to IP, while still supporting hybrid domains.


Imagine Communications provides high-performance contribution solutions that enable efficient transport of high-quality broadcast content over satellite, IP or telco networks. Our unique, modular solutions not only support major compression standards, including UHD, and transport methods, but also simplify operations by integrating critical signal processing tasks such as up-, down-, and cross-conversion with contribution-related encoding/decoding — all within a single, 1RU or 3RU frame.


For on-air and live networking environments, seamless, automatic failover to redundant signal paths ensures maximum uptime. A user-friendly interface enables fast configuration and simple monitoring and control. And a choice of 8- and 10-bit encoding options allows you to deploy a customizable balance of quality, bandwidth, efficiency, and latency to meet your specific contribution requirements.