Direct-to-home (DTH) satellite providers must deliver exceptional service reliability and pristine video quality to attract and retain customers. However, the need to deliver many high-quality channels within fixed satellite bandwidth allotments creates a unique challenge. It requires a complete, integrated technology solution that maximizes efficiency of the satellite transponder – the communications channel linking the service provider and the home – all while supporting future growth.



Our DTH satellite solutions marry advanced video compression, integrated signal routing and network-wide monitoring and control with your encryption software to efficiently manage, deliver and protect multiple HD and SD program channels. This provides a single platform to address all requirements as opposed to requiring purpose-built devices and complicated delivery architectures. Scalable, future-proof designs help service providers add new channels and transponders into the existing architecture.
  • Uniquely Integrated Solutions Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • High-Density Modular Platforms Reduce Operating Expenditures 
  • Advanced Compression Solutions Optimize Quality to Enhance Viewer Experience
  • Redundant Delivery Architectures Maximize Uptime
  • Scalable, Future-Proof Designs Simplify Service Expansions
Satellite Distribution
Our advanced video compression solutions maximize channel counts through efficient bandwidth management. Intelligent “statistical multiplexing” services automatically allot more bandwidth for sports and other fast-action programs, ensuring viewers receive outstanding quality across all channels. Integrated routing solutions maximize uptime with no single point of failure, while extensive monitoring and control software touches every component and signal on the network. Modular designs and a common GUI enhance overall ease of use and configuration for a trouble-free operating experience.



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