Signal Distribution

For a media facility to operate reliably and efficiently, it is essential that audio and video signals can be accessed wherever and whenever they are needed. This is the key requirement for today’s signal distribution infrastructures, where workflows and formats are always changing and the number of sources and destinations to be managed grows daily. This challenging environment and the increasingly tight integration of distribution, processing and monitoring functions also mean that the quality of the control and management system is more important than ever.


Imagine Communications’ video and audio routing technology forms the core of our signal distribution solution. Through highly scalable, modular platform designs, our routers can address every size requirement, from very small to more than 2000 sources and destinations. Featuring fully redundant architectures and a wide variety of input and output cards, Imagine Communications routers offer support for any broadcast signal format, with electrical or optical connectivity, and deliver the best possible quality and reliability.


  • Scalable, reliable multiformat (up to 3 Gb/s and 4K) routing solutions supporting all broadcast standards
  • Fully integrated router/multiviewer/processing for reduced space, power consumption and overall system complexity
  • Seamless expansion of inputs and outputs without disruption of on-air operation
  • Intuitive, fast system setup and control Software and hardware control panels for simplified configuration, troubleshooting, workflow management


Our routers offer a high level of integration with signal processing and monitoring systems in the facility, resulting in the most space- and power-saving solutions in the industry. Highly reliable, multiformat systems, offering support up to 3 Gb/s and 4K, deliver flexibility for all broadcast standards. A unified control system reduces the complexity for the operator, enabling distribution, processing and monitoring to be centralized and new functions to be added easily. And scalable, modular hardware ensures easy system expansion without disruption of the on-air operation.


Explore our comprehensive diagram featuring Imagine Communications' media software and networking solutions.

End-to-End Solutions
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