What are Microservices – and why do they Matter?


You wouldn't enter a boxing ring with one arm tied behind your back. So why would you enter the IP world with a monolithic technology foundation?

Join this webinar to get a practical, how-to explanation of microservices — the software-based building blocks that underpin every successful digital business. Offering network portability, hyperscale agility and accelerated time to market for products and services, microservices are essential to seizing all the opportunities of the digital economy.

No need to be a code jockey. This webinar will answer all your questions:

  • What are microservices?
  • What does a media-oriented microservice look like?
  • Why should I care about microservices if my operations are not in the cloud?
  • Who (among my peers) is using microservices?
  • How do I move to a microservices design without disrupting my current operations?

Whether you consider yourself a microservices wonk, or you're asking yourself, "Micro-what?" — this is a must-attend webinar for anyone looking to level the playing field with a new breed of digital-first media competitors.

Replay the webinar:

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Darren Gallipeau
Technical Director — Playout, Networking, and Distribution
Imagine Communications

Joe McGarvey
Director of Marketing
Imagine Communications