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The media & entertainment industry is rapidly evolving. Technology, business models, ecosystem dynamics — you name it — appear to be in perpetual cycles of change. Wouldn’t it be helpful from time to time to take a quick temperature reading, a moment-in-time assessment of the prevailing winds behind a timely topic? We created the Imagine Communications Instant Opinion Poll for just that purpose. Please weigh in on what you think about the current issue of the day.

IP: Big Deal or No Big Deal?

The consternation concerning the transition of media workflows from SDI-based equipment to common networking and compute platforms built to move IP packets appears to be highly elevated. Not since the transition from analog to digital has a pending technology evolution attracted so much attention, seemingly polarizing media professionals into camps of evangelists or naysayers.

But the one thing that both sides have always agreed on, for the most part, was that the rebuilding of the industry’s technology foundation was not going to be a walk in the park. Completely shifting the broadcast industry to an IT infrastructure, nearly all agreed, would be disruptive — both from a technology and cultural standpoint. The IP evolution was at one time predicted by some to leave complete carnage in its wake. Broadcast engineering jobs would be displaced. IT professionals would storm the ramparts of traditional broadcast facilities. The industry would never be the same.

In reality, though, is the shift to IP all that different from previous technology transitions? After all, it’s not like the media industry is unfamiliar with IP, which has gradually worked its way into just about every operation except live production over the past decade or so. And with the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) working in conjunction with multiple standards bodies to rapidly push IP-based solutions toward widespread interoperability, the SDI-to-IP transition becomes increasingly easier to accommodate each day.

So, which is it? Is the move to IP roughly the same as the jump from SD to HD? From MPEG-2 to MPEG-4? Is the shift to packets just another standard operating procedure (SOP) for an industry accustomed to perpetual evolution?

Or are we dealing with something different, something bigger than your everyday upgrade? Something that comes with cultural implications? Is the transition to IT technology going to turn out to be a devil in disguise — and one of questionable birth?


Please pick the option below that best represents your opinion about the ultimate impact of the transitions from SDI to IP.
No big deal
Big deal


Check in periodically to see the running results. And feel free to share the rationale for how you voted. Send your comments and we’ll share the best of them in a follow-up post.


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