Nexio® Studio Suite

Studio Production Software Application

Nexio® Studio Suite enables tapeless studio production and multi-channel, synchronized playout through the control of Nexio video servers. Featuring a flexible and user-friendly interface, Nexio Studio Suite enhances the power of Nexio by delivering an easy and affordable path to efficient file-based workflows for studio operations, production, archive, ingest and news rundown.

Instant Access to Content
The Nexio server’s true shared storage architecture enables users to scale based on the size of their operating environment. Multiple Nexio Studio Suites can control a large number of record/play ports, and operators have instant access to content without having to wait for it to be copied. Editing and recording can be handled on the same shared storage, eliminating the need to copy files and minimizing turnaround times.

Superior Flexibility
Studio productions recorded through the unique Nexio Studio Suite AddOn mode — a rollback recording mode featuring familiar VTR functionality — can be edited immediately on VelocityESX and Final Cut Pro 7 editors or rendered at high speed on the Nexio Instant Online conforming engine.