Nexio® Transport Stream Delay Server

Compressed Media Stream Delay Recorder

New to the Nexio® compressed domain server line, the Nexio® NX1012DS (Delay Server) enables the time-shifting of multiple MPEG-2 TS feeds from minutes to days for a single stream — or potentially many streams at once.

With the NX1012DS transport stream delay server, input and output streams are decoupled; one input stream can support several output streams, each with different delays. For example, if you want to delay one stream to three different time zones (e.g., one with one-hour delay, one with two-hour delay and one with three-hour delay), you only need to record the one stream, and create three delayed output streams.

The transport stream can be either DVB-ASI or IP (unicast, multicast, UDP or RTP); input and output types are independent (i.e., you can ingest a stream over DVB-ASI and output it delayed over IP, and vice versa). IP input/output is standard via dual Gigabit Ethernet ports; ASI I/O ports and additional Gigabit Ethernet ports may be added as optional I/O modules.

The Delay Server supports ATSC, DVB, MPEG ISO and DigicipherII streams, encrypted or in the clear. Each input stream designated for delay is delivered to the designated output(s) as it comes in, at the correct time.

The transport stream delay server comes standard with an unprotected RAID0 ~1.4 TB usable internal storage for economical performance where data protection is not required. With an purchased option, the storage can be increased to ~2.7 TB usable in high bandwidth, protected RAID10 configuration. Using an internal storage configuration preserves the maximum network bandwidth for IP streaming traffic to and from the Delay Server.

The Delay Server may be connected to an external network attached storage (NAS), such as the Imagine Communications NXIQ™ storage server, if more storage capacity is required. While the NX1012DS can mount CIFS- and NFS-connected NAS storage, product performance may be limited by the storage and network bandwidth for record and playback.

The NX1012DS can delay up to 32 streams, making it very useful for customers who need to delay many low bitrate streams in an IP environment.