Nexio® Connectus®

Nexio® Connectus® Optimized Graphics Management and Distribution System

Streamline operations. Improve on-air looks. Increase performance. Nexio® Connectus® gives you the edge to respond to these demands by centrally managing your valuable graphics resources, with ultimate control and efficiency.

Create Once — Distribute Anywhere
The Nexio Connectus graphics management and distribution system enables stations and facilities to take advantage of lightning-fast workflows for sharing and distributing graphics. Your graphics team can create content in Dallas, your local news director can make up-to-the-minute edits to the content from Denver, and your CG operator in New York can download the latest approved content to a graphics playback system. With Nexio Connectus, graphics designers, producers and operators have the freedom to create, share, manage and distribute their content to and from any location, any way they choose.

The workflow is simple. Graphics designers and authorized users can create, browse and edit graphics using a variety of Nexio Inscriber content creation software systems, as well as popular third-party graphics software products such as Adobe® Photoshop® and After Effects® and Autodesk® 3ds Max®. Content is then published to the centralized Nexio Connectus server, ready to be viewed, edited and approved for playout. Content residing on the Nexio Connectus server can be sent — either manually or via the system console — to playback accurately and efficiently on the on-air devices networked across a LAN, WAN or the Internet.

Deliver Accurate Content 24/7
Nexio Connectus lets you set approval rules for authorized administrators, guaranteeing content that gets played to air is accurate, 24/7. The Nexio Connectus approval process ensures that only approved content is made available for locations outside the creation source, such as affiliate stations. Specific approval requirements can be created for individual players, with content approved by predetermined approvers, such as the Nexio Connectus administrator and the designer. As new content is published that requires approval, the system automatically generates an e-mail notification to the appropriate approvers.

Make the Most of Your MOS Environment
In busy MOS environments using Newsroom Computer Systems (NRCS) such as AP® ENPS®, Nexio Connectus centrally manages and moves content directly among the offline systems used for creating graphics, the Connectus server and the playback devices. The system sends graphics assets to predetermined folders on the playback devices, ready to be used by journalists as needed. This streamlined graphic workflow ensures that graphics can get from the design stage to the playback devices as quickly as possible.