Networking & Infrastructure

Videotek® DDM-600

ATSC Demodulator

The Videotek® DDM-600 is an ATSC/8VSB digital demodulator that provides a DVB-ASI output. The unit is a ¼ RU-wide, 1RU tall and 6 inches deep, and fits 4 units in a DDM-600-RM rackmount. The unit is small in size, low in power consumption and light in weight, making it a perfect fit for all broadcast television and cable environments.

The DDM-600 provides a DVB-ASI output of the received transmission. The DVB-ASI output can be used to send to other equipment such as analyzers, decoders, and multiplexers, or passed to other equipment in a cable plant such as a modulator or upconverter.

The DDM-600 front panel features an easy-to-use up-and-down channel selection with an RF level indication on a bar graph.

The unit power supply uses an external 110/220 universal AC adapter, providing the required DC power input.