Networking & Infrastructure

Calibre FOVEA-F1

MEMC Frame Rate Converter

The Calibre FOVEA-F1 provides an advanced, powerful MEMC (Motion Estimation Motion Compensated) alternative to the linear frame rate conversion capability of Imagine Communications’ respected Selenio X50™ and Selenio X100™ 1RU processing platforms. The FOVEA-F1 extends the company’s facility signal processing portfolio into global high-quality content conversion for applications including live sports, worldwide event broadcasts and post production.

The content-adaptive, broadcast-grade HD FOVEA-F1 can handle live, recorded/archived or computer-generated content via its graphics-to-video scan converter and frame synchronizer, and provides powerful MEMC frame rate conversion, noise reduction, image enhancement/restoration and aspect ratio conversion. The FOVEA-F1 uses a specialist custom video processor architecture to achieve excellent picture performance at an extremely competitive price point — including dedicated MEMC motion processing with an exceptionally large 16-field aperture for optimal motion detection, even with difficult long cadences and mixed video and film content.