Today’s broadcasters face a myriad of challenges, from converting multiple video and audio signal types and managing loudness issues to transporting baseband over IP.

Our range of full-featured, multichannel solutions for video and audio processing are designed to meet your particular requirements quickly and easily – whether you’re handling audio, video or data, and whether you’re seeking a modular or standalone platform.

DTS Neural Advanced Audio Options

DTS Neural Surround™ DownMix 5.1 to Stereo
DTS Neural Surround™ UpMix Stereo to 5.1
DTS Neural Surround™ MultiMerge 5.1 or Stereo to 5.1 and Stereo
DTS Neural Loudness Control Stereo, Dual Mono, 5.1, 5.1+2, 4 x Stereo HD and SD Legalizers

3G/HD/SD Digital Video Legalizer

Selenio™ DL Video Legalizers 3G/HD/SD Video Legalizer